Winston Harrison

Panelist - 300yrs of rum production

Winston Harrison is a Jamaican by birth and has been managing National Rums of Jamaica Group (NRJ Group) since January 2017.  The NRJ Group is the parent company for the world-renowned Long Pond Distillers Limited producers of the finest heavy pot still rums for over 250 years and has 73% ownership in Clarendon Distillers Limited which produces pot and column still current crop rums for over 100 years, that is consumed globally.  The iconic Innswood Distillery (now closed) is also a part of NRJ’s portfolio which now functions as a barreling and aging facility and producers of the award-winning Monymusk Rum Brand, which boast six expressions.  As the Chief Executive Officer for the NRJ Group with a strategic focus on growing the rum business, Winston also sits on the boards of Spirit Pools Association Limited and Caribbean Molasses Company Limited.  Prior to joining the NRJ Group Winston worked for over 35 years with several tier 1 companies including beverage giant Red Stripe-Diageo.

Winston holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with Economics (Hons.) from the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and an MBA in Finance from the University of Manchester (UK).

Panelist - 300yrs of rum production

300yrs of rum production

Room #3 - Shane Center

300yr of rum production: The Rum universe is a diverse spirit category with strong pillars of style and character that attract all rum enthusiasts. But how did these various styles come to be? It certainly did not start 20 years ago. This esteemed panel represents some of the more notable distilleries in their respective rum […]