Roberto Serralles

Guest Panelist

Growing up in Puerto Rico surrounded by his family’s business, Roberto Serrallés could scarcely avoid the rum world. But after 20 years in Puerto Rico, he moved to the United States to pursue a PhD from the University of Oregon with the hope of one day becoming a professor. He didn’t stay away from Puerto Rico for long. When his father called seeking advice on an environmental issue the company was facing, Serrallés was intrigued, and he spent the next four years consulting on a wastewater energy project for Destillería Serrallés. After completing the project, Serrallés joined the family business full time. // Info by Imbibe

Guest Panelist

Guest Panelist

How rum is actually made

Room #3 - Shane Center

How Rum is Actually Made: An in-depth discussion about real production techniques from large and small scale producers.   Moderator: Bailey Pryor Panelists: Ian Burrell, Richard Seale & Roberto Serralles.