Ben Jones

Panelist - 300yrs of rum production

Ben has ardently committed his career to the soaring fine spirit and craft cocktail movement, and is a recognized leader of the contemporary renaissance for genuine premium rum, led by his ambassadorship for Rhum Agricole. With his company’s recent acquisition of Saint Lucia Distillers, Ben’s palate and energy has become reinvigorated. His passion for authentic heritage rums and the great legacies behind them, combined with his lifelong dedication to his French Caribbean roots, has helped him become one of the world’s leading experts on rum.

Panelist - 300yrs of rum production

300yrs of rum production

Room #3 - Shane Center

300yr of rum production: The Rum universe is a diverse spirit category with strong pillars of style and character that attract all rum enthusiasts. But how did these various styles come to be? It certainly did not start 20 years ago. This esteemed panel represents some of the more notable distilleries in their respective rum […]